Bicalutamide 50mg

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Bicalutamide 50mg pills. 1 usd each
Each Bicalutamide refers to 1 package with 50 pills.

10 reviews for Bicalutamide 50mg

  1. Nathaly

    I am a real customer and have had multiple perfect transactions here. The Bica pills are a good product and got me through between available doses and issues between insurance and my pharmacy. Would recommend. Shipping was fast and flawless!

  2. Bun

    I gave this to a friend who likes bunnies and now he is a bunny girl. She likes hopping around with big bunny ears. The hormones made the ears bigger.

  3. Timbothehimbo (verified owner)

    Arrived pretty quickly, definitely works. 10/10

  4. Xi

    made me gay(er)

  5. Reineli

    Haven’t tried it yet but can I use these with EEn injections?

  6. Clara Martinez (verified owner)

    I ordered 50 bicalutamide pills containing 50 mg each and 100 estradiol pills containing 2 mg each. I have the pills in my possession now; though I haven’t swallowed any and can’t comment firsthand on the efficacy, Lilian has an excellent reputation and I have no doubt that the contents are as advertised. I intend to post this review under both products, since most of it applies to both equally, but I don’t mind if it gets deleted from one page to avoid having duplicates.

    I made the mistake of ordering to a PO box, to which FedEx can’t deliver. So I got a phone call from a local FedEx facility asking for an alternative address to deliver to. I didn’t want these pills going to my home address because I live with my parents and wasn’t ready to answer questions yet, but FedEx let me go to the shipping center in person and pick up the package. Fortunately, the package arrived at the beginning of Mother’s Day weekend, so I was able to pass off that trip as getting my mother a surprise gift (which I also did). I don’t blame anyone other than myself for this issue, but it was an important part of my experience and I thought it was worth commenting on.

    The package I received was a plastic FedEx bag containing some papers taped to the inside under a transparent patch of the plastic and a cardboard box about four times the size of my closed fist (I may be a bit fuzzy on details; I was very nervous at the time). The papers appeared to be the “government officialized invoice” mentioned on the “Shipping” page; I looked over them and didn’t find any information intended for me. The box was unmarked brown cardboard, and was taped shut with packing tape.

    On opening the box, I found two rectangular white pill bottles with colored labels and tamper-evident tops (they had not been opened when I received them). The labels had the logo and name of this website, and some vertical colored stripes forming a trans pride flag. As advertised, they were not marked as hormones. The bottles were marked as dietary supplements, and had apparently meaningless product names on them. The one with a white lid says it’s “liligyna 2mg” and the one with the blue lid says it’s “alessdex 50mg.” I’m fairly sure that the first is the estradiol and the second is the bicalutamide, because the dosage numbers, pill counts, and suggested dose timing seems to match, and because I’ve seen other people online saying their estradiol orders came marked “liligyna.” However, I think I’d be more comfortable if the product listings in the shop mentioned what pseudonyms the products are shipped under, or if one of the confirmation emails I received told me this information.

    The estradiol pills are light pink circular tablets, of a similar shade to the “Natrol” strawberry-flavored sublingual melatonin I take. I suspect they might be dyed with the same beetroot extract. They’re smaller than my melatonin pills, so I doubt there’s any danger of confusion even if I negligently left the pills on a table or something. The bottle has a silica gel packet in it. The bicalutamide pills are of a similar size and shape, but are white. That bottle also has a silica gel packet. When I first opened the bicalutamide bottle, a small amount of white powder fell out, seemingly rubbed off the pills during shipping; the pills still have clear edges and don’t appear to have lost very much mass in the process, so I’m not worried. I’ve seen other tablet manufacturers (such as the makers of my melatonin and the makers of my off-brand aspirin) include a cotton ball in pill bottles to prevent this issue (pills rattling around and rubbing during shipping) but it appears not to have mattered in this case. (just mentioning it in case other customers have worse versions of the same issue)

    Overall, although the process wasn’t completely without friction, I’m very satisfied with the result. Assuming nothing unexpected goes wrong in the future, I would absolutely recommend this site to a friend in the same situation, though I’d warn them not to repeat my mistake with the PO box.

    (The name I’m posting this review under isn’t the one I put in my order. Lilian, if you’re curious, I was order number 6682, on April 20th, 2022, which I think should be enough to identify me. Everyone else, too bad, you don’t get to know my birthname.) (also, my apologies for any typos in this review)

  7. Polaris

    Works well, definitely helps a lot with keeping myself sane while stuck on wait-lists for appointments

  8. Daniel Pelicie (verified owner)

    New customer, I live in the U.S. got my package from fed+ex. After ordering I got confirmation 3 days after ordering and shipping 6 days after ordering, after I got shipping, fed took 9 days to get the package to my house.

    The package was in good condition, I will be ordering again in about a month or less.

    Overall I am happy with my order, Thank you!

  9. Soas

    I bought it, but not knowing the effects. I assume it feminizes , but does anybody know?

  10. Golden Snow (verified owner)

    100% works no questions needed! but, i was wondering when you will be back in stock with it :3

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