Transdermal Estradiol

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Our Transdermal estradiol made by Otokonoko pharma,
We use airlesspump bottle for precision dosage, each pump expells 0.20ml, or 2mg. (4 times more E2 than a single pump of Oestrogel).
if used 4mg/day 2pumps/day each bottle lasts for 4 months and half.

55ml/10mg/ml = 110 usd

We also make personalized dosages, just emails us for quotation.

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15 reviews for Transdermal Estradiol

  1. sorrytripnotfound

    where whitemarket pharma oestrogel can take 10-15 minutes to dry if not spread super thinly across entire upper arm/leg , this one allows me to put clothes back on within 3. i can just “go to the bathroom” and noone will notice anything! the bottle is also barely a third the size of whitemarket variant, and i have notable growth again after having been stalled for two months (on pills). perfect!

  2. chungi

    0/1 don’t feel like anime.

  3. nekogirl

    gave me gender euphoria

  4. Tay

    It’s phytoestrogen, which is useless to me, and should be specified in the product description.

    • admin

      Hello, it’s not phytoestrogen

  5. Angela

    Hello, how much E2 is contained each pump?

    • admin

      2 mg

  6. E

    The bottle doesn’t work as expected. For it to deliver equal amount of ‘gel’ you have to pump it multiple times until it deliver the full amount and not just little drops (yes, it’s in fact liquid), which just waste much of the bottle.

  7. Lucia (verified owner)

    Says it’s phytoestrogen on packaging? Is that just an ingredient? I’m confused.

    • admin

      thatsd just for customs purpose

  8. E

    Good stuff. Doesn’t fuck my skin like patches and takes like 3-5 minutes tops to completely dry. Levels are high enough for mono-therapy.

  9. Mia

    I would normally leave 4 stars because i have a complaint, but I see people are being stupid. THIS IS REAL ESTROGEN.

    The complaints I have is this is made with cheap denatured ethanol, and that the pump is sometimes in consistent the mixture has air in it and that needs time to settle, or a different formulation. In general though this has worked very well for me!

  10. Clove

    The only company i trust to put glitter in medicine. Smells good, dries almost instantly, the container only says its not a medicine and doesn’t say it contains estrogen. 10/10, very nice. Love this company <3

  11. Hannah (verified owner)

    Very affordable and super fast shipping to the US. The only problem is like another reviewer said there does seem to be some inconsistency on how much gel comes out for each pump.

  12. Ryan Michelle

    Good product

  13. Cathy (verified owner)

    Works. No complaints. I was having problems with inconsistent amounts of gel being pumped like other reviewers, but that problem went away once I stopped storing the bottle on its side.

  14. cyriloucyrille

    For those who struggle like me for payment: register on binance, buy the cryptomonais you want.

    Then to pay, place your order on otokonoko and at the end you have the page with the wallet link for payment. Copy this link and be careful it takes no space. Then to pay go to binance, wallet tab on the right and click on fiat and spot. A page opens, on the line of the crypto you bought click on Withdraw and you can paste the wallet link. Here you have paid for your order: p.

  15. HeyItsJess76 (verified owner)

    Rather effective, took two 2-3 weeks to arrive. Bra size went from 34C to 34DD. Applied 1 squirt to scrotum and another for both inner thighs. comes in a discreet brown box.

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